Best Baby Gates For Impossible Scenarios – Guide & Reviews

Not for your average doorway, these baby gates take childproofing to a whole new level with longer lengths & crazy configurations!

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So, you need to babyproof half a room, an odd-shaped corner, a large object or two, or just want to corral those kiddos?

What’s a mom to do?

Behold the super play yard baby gate!

One of these styles of gates will leave you gaping in awe! There just isn’t much one of these can’t do.


Need a crazy shape? Covered.
Need a play pen? No problem.
Need something from wall to wall? This gate can handle it.

Still not convinced? Check this out:

1. Round Play Yard

round play yard - baby gate

When to use:

Perfect for when you need to basically keep the kids out of everything...corral them inside the gate like a playpen!

Keep in mind that any one of these gates is really not going to be big enough for this to be practical, so if this looks like the kind of need you have, buy two or three and clip them together so that the children have plenty of space to move around without feeling like caged lions.

2. L-Shaped Double Danger Duty

When to use:

Section off more than one danger area at a time by positioning this gate in an L-shape. All you need is two walls to attach the ends to and you can reclaim that area for “big people” only.

3. U-Shaped Enclosure...aka Fireplace Screen

U-Shaped Enclosure...aka Fireplace Screen - Baby Gate

When to use:

Sometimes you just have one place in the room that you need to keep the baby clear of...the rest of the room is A-OK. If that’s the case, just remove any of the panels you don’t need, in order to make it the right size. Then position the gate in a U-shape around whatever it is that is either a danger to the little one (or that the little one is a danger to)!

4. Extra Wide Space or Doorway

Extra Wide Space or Doorway - Baby Gate

When to use:

Do you have a really wide doorway or want to split a room in half?

Even if your contact points are not right across from each other, one of these gates will do the trick. Just attach to the walls on either side, even if its curved or otherwise odd-shaped, and you are all set!

5. Wrap-Around Protector

Wrap-Around Protector - Baby Gate

When to use:

Perfect for keeping the kiddos from climbing all over odd-shaped items that just happen to be in an otherwise safe area. Bend and contort the panels this way and that to suit your needs!

6. Partition & Block Off Danger Areas

6. Partition & Block Off Danger Areas

When to use:

Make certain parts of your home off-limits...especially danger areas such as stairways or open railings. If the gate isn’t quite long enough (and these come in some great lengths!), make a longer one by adding another gate or an extension piece.

7. Keep your baby and Christmas tree separated

christmas tree gate

When to use:

When the holiday season rolls around each year and the Christmas tree goes up, this is a great time to use a play yard, not as a play pen, but instead as a way to partition off the tree in order to keep your curious kiddo from grabbing down ornaments and lights, ripping open presents, and toppling the tree.

So, unless if you need a baby gate to do a of these will be able to do whatever you want.






North States Superyard 3-in-1 Metal Gate
(Best Of The Best)


Up to 144"

Regalo 192-Inch
Play Yard
(Best Bang For
The Buck)


Up to 192"

Dreambaby Royale Converta 3 in 1 Play-Yard & Wide Gate


(including mounting brackets)





Height: 30”
Fits: Up to 144". Instructions

An extremely versatile gate, this 6-panel gate stretches up to 12 feet.

Additional 2-panel extensions can be purchased if that isn’t long enough, then let it bend and twist at the junction of each panel to get the configuration you need.

Each panel is removable to get exactly the length you need.

It is built of steel and comes in white, matte bronze, or wood to suit any decor need.

Designed to be attached to walls, door frames or other solid surfaces unless attached to itself, it is generally classified as a permanent mount.

It has rubber feet to keep it from scratching your floors, and an auto-closing door with a safety latch that can be operated with one hand.


  • Freestanding if used as a play yard attached to itself
  • Rotating joints at each panel for many different configurations
  • Automatic closing door
  • One-handed opening with locking latch


Final Verdict

If you can afford this gate and have some unique configuration needs, you are a perfect candidate for this babyproofing solution! It’s a lot of gate, but when you need it, nothing beats what this one has to offer!





Height: 28
Fits: Up to 192".

This heavy-duty steel 8-panel gate stretches to an amazing 192-inch length.

The panels are removable to make it shorter, or you can buy 2 gates to make it longer.

There are no additional extension pieces to add just a few inches or feet.

It has a walk-thru door with a safety-locking feature, but does not automatically close.

It can be attached to itself to be used as a stand-alone play area, or can be attached permanently to two walls to partition off entire area.

It also can easily be removed from the permanent mounts if you need to take it down for awhile.


  • Covers an amazing 16 feet of linear space
  • Built of 8 removable steel panels with adjustable joints
  • Walk-thru door with safety latch
  • Compacts for easy storage and portability


  • Bright red lock that attracts the attention of kids

Final Verdict

A very adequate super play yard baby gate that will meet any basic needs. The price tag is attractive and it certainly will get the job done, even if it somewhat plain jane. I love that it really is so long...because this will cover most situations in the average home.

Final Words

Now you know that a solution exists for even the most wacky scenario imaginable when it comes to childproofing your home.

It may not be cheap, but really compared to an average size gate, it’s amazing how much length you can get for your money!

Have fun twisting and turning and making silly shapes while keeping your baby safe and out of trouble!

Happy Baby-Gate Shopping!

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I am a homeschooling mom of 16 years. With the experience of raising five babies, one of whom is still less than a year old, I have had my fair share of baby gate wrangling. I enjoy sharing with other parents and passing on what I have learned.

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