Best Safety Gates for Climbing Kids and Jumping Pets – Extra Tall Baby Gates

Sometimes an average height baby gate just isn’t going to cut it.

Do you have a climber on your hands or maybe a dog or cat that can jump too high? In that situation, you are a prime candidate for a niche extra tall baby gate!

An average baby gate is usually around 30” - 32” high, but an extra tall gate might be anywhere from 36” to 41” tall!

All those extra inches add up to a whole lot more protection and provide an extra measure of safety that you just can’t expect from a shorter gate.

First, here’s a quick look at my top five recommendations:






(Best Of The Best


 28” – 32” (111” max with extension - sold separately)

Regalo Easy Step
 (Best Bang For The Buck)


29" - 40"
(extension pieces included)

Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate

Summer Infant


28” – 48” (extension pieces included)

North States Supergate Extra Tall Easy Close Metal Gate

North States


28" - 31.5" (up to 38.5" with two extensions included)

Regalo Home Accents Extra Tall Walk Thru Gate

Regalo Home Accents


29" - 44"
(extension pieces included)

Things to Consider Before Buying Extra Tall Baby Safety Gates

The first thing you want to do is ask yourself why you need an extra tall gate?

Do you have a toddler that keeps climbing over your short one?

Do you have a pet that will not be stopped by an average gate? If so, how high is high enough?

When you are choosing a baby gate that you need to be taller than average, please keep in mind that not only do you need to compare the various available heights, but many other factors that might be important to you.

Information such as the width of the door in the gate becomes critical, because there is no way that you are going to step over one of these! Also, does the door swing both ways, close automatically, or have a lock-open option or not?

A few other things you will want to consider is how it mounted and whether the latch mechanism is easy to use.

When dealing with an extra tall gate, it may already seem cumbersome because of the height factor, but if the gate is well-built, solid, attractive, and easy to use, then it will become a great asset to your space. There is just nothing quite like a product that fills a real, practical need with grace and dignity!

How I Selected The Best Extra Tall Baby Gates

In order to bring you the best all-around options for an extra tall baby gate, I looked over multiple products that are on the market and selected the five best extra tall baby gates based on features, ratings, reviews, and price.

These are all pressure-mounted gates, so they are easily moved or removed, when necessary, but some also have optional permanent hardware mounts.

Best Extra Tall Baby Gates 2017

Though all of these are great solutions, there are two in particular that stand a little above the rest.

No pun intended! Seriously, though these two gates are actually EXTRA tall gates...standing at 40.5 inches and 41 inches tall!

Conclusion: My Baby Gate Reviews Are In





Height: 40.5”
Fits: 28” – 32” (111” max with extension - sold separately) 

This 40.5-inch-high baby gate is nearly the tallest on the market.

It is white-painted steel and is very durable. It features a door that swings both ways and automatically closes and latches.

It is easy to open with one hand and has a smooth operation.

Though it is a pressure-mounted gate, it comes with additional hardware to securely attach it to your door frame.

The spacing between the bars is 2.5 inches, so it is very effective at keeping even fairly small pets contained.

One of the best things about this gate is that extensions can be purchased that make this gate effective for a span up to 111 inches.


  • A truly EXTRA tall gate at 40.5 inches
  • Automatically closes and latches
  • Door swings inward or outward
  • Extensions pieces are available to make the gate as wide as 111 inches


  • Does not have a lock open feature

Final Verdict

This gate is a popular one that has received very high ratings. It has so many great features and most consumers have reported that it is sturdy and strong and that they are very happy with it.





Height: 41” 
Fits: 29" - 40" (extension pieces included)

Though not the highest quality extra tall gate, it is still a very good option!

It is a little more cost-effective than some of the competition, but does not sacrifice much.

It swings open in only one direction and features a one-handed latch mechanism. The door in this gate is fairly narrow at 16 inches.

The gate comes with a 6” extension piece, so it will fit an opening that is up to 40” wide. So, it will fit a somewhat wide doorway, but not a truly wide opening. 

It is made of steel and painted white, so it basic-looking, but very functional and will get the job done.


  • Cost-Effective
  • Tallest gate on the market at 41 inches high
  • One-handed latch mechanism
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Swings open in one direction only
  • Fairly narrow door

Final Verdict

Though it isn’t known as the sturdiest tall gate available, it is still a very decent gate at a rock-bottom price. Since it is also the tallest gate that I found, it definitely stands out as a winner!

So, it’s a more basic model, with less features, but if you are looking for a good deal, you will find it in this gate.

Final Words

Whether you need a slightly taller gate or a REALLY taller gate, you now know what the market has to offer.

So, armed with all this great information, you should be able to find the perfect gate to deal with those great climbers that like to monkey around or those pets that could win a jumping contest.

Happy Baby-Gate Shopping!

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