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Best Safety Gate with Pet Door (Comprehensive Guide 2020)

For parents and pet owners alike, this ingenious gate is the answer to the familiar do I keep Johnny safe, but let Fluffy go where she wants?

In a nutshell, this type of gate features a unique feature...a pet door!

This works equally well if you have a big dog you want to keep away from the baby, but don’t mind if your small dog or cat makes their way here, there, or everywhere…

Consider however that this is primarily a PET gate, not a BABY gate , but if you’re interested in learning more, keep reading...

Things to Consider Before Buying Safety Gate with Pet Door

This kind of gate is for a niche market of course, as it only would be needed by a household with either a small or medium pet, PLUS a large pet, and perhaps a larger baby or toddler.

Keep in mind that if you choose a gate like this, consider carefully if it really will meet your needs...

How big are the animals that you want to contain vs. the ones that you want to allow in and out?

Do you want your small dog or cat to have access to your baby’s quarters?

Also, do you need a smaller pressure-mounted gate or a larger permanently mounted one?

My biggest advice is to do a lot of measuring...size up those pets, take into account how big your kiddo is, and put a tape measure up from wall to wall.

Once you have all that information noted, double-check it and cross-check it with the size of openings and widths of the gates you are considering.

How I Selected The Best Safety Gate with Pet Door

After doing some research and seeing what’s available on the market, I found that only the Carlson brand has the durability and features needed to do this job.

Also, the great ratings and reviews that other consumers have given helped me to realize that I needed a Carlson gate, too!

Carlson Extra Wide Walk (Best For Standard Spaces)

Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Pet Gate with Small Pet Door

Height: 30"
Fits: 29"- 44" (Pet door is 10" H x 7" W).


  • Walk-thru pet door that can swing both directions
  • Walk-thru human door with one-handed operation
  • Can be extended to fit wide doorways
  • Very reasonably priced


  • Pet door will only contain larger baby/toddler or large dog

This white pressure-mounted gate is a durable steel product that comes with two extension pieces so that you can choose how big you want it to be, up to 44 inches in width. 

It has a one-touch release safety lock and a door that swings in one direction.

The pet walk-thru gate is 10” high and 7” wide, which is fairly large, considering that a medium dog can pass through it quite easily. 

So, if you want to contain a medium dog, but want a small dog to go through, then this might defeat the purpose.

The Bottom Line

This gate works quite good for my needs. It allows the very large dog to be contained, while letting the small dog come and go as he likes.

Unfortunately, the medium dog (a 35 lb. Australian Shepherd) can also walk right through the pet door...even though it does not look like she should be able to! 

Nevertheless, the fact that I can keep at least the biggest dog separated from my baby makes this gate still worth the investment, and of course, the pet door can be closed so that ALL the dogs stay on the other side.

Carlson Flexi Pet Gate (Best For Wide Spaces)

Carlson Extra-Tall Flexi Pet Gate

Height: 38"
Fits: Up to 76" (Pet door is 10" H x 7" W).


  • Small pet door that swings both ways
  • Extra long gate covers a wide away
  • Walk-thru door with one-handed operation


  • Not as sturdy as the shorter gate
  • Pet door may not be the right size for medium dogs, so measure carefull

Basically, this gate is a lot like the gate above except that it is designed for when you need to block off a lot larger area...up to 76 inches, or more if you buy extensions. 

The other major difference is that this is a permanent-mount gate.

Some consumers have reported using it in a free-standing manner by putting it in a zig-zag configuration, but it isn’t actually designed to be used like that.

The Bottom Line

This gate is a good solution for when you need to cover a wide area, but want to keep big pets contained while letting medium and smaller pets the ability to walk-thru. 

Some consumers report using this gate to allow their cat access to the litter box area, while keeping the toddler safely away.


Though this gate is designed primarily for separating larger pets, while letting smaller pets to roam freely, keep in mind that your medium-size pet may or may not be able to use the pet door.

The other factor to consider is that this is advertised as a pet gate, not a baby gate, and even the directions say NOT to use it for children.

With that said, there are some consumers that have had good success in using it with toddlers and larger babies...either for keeping them away from large pets or letting small pets enter into their area.

It may not work if you have a smaller child, however, because of the size of the pet door opening. If you think your child could crawl through it or would even try and potentially get stuck, then you might want to steer clear of these gates.

Happy Safety-Gate Shopping!


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