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Why This Mama Bought a Retractable Baby Gate?

If you think you’ve seen one baby gate, you’ve seen them all...I gotta tell you, that’s just not the way it is.

There are so many kinds of baby gates available, it will make your head spin. So, what made me do a double-take when I stumbled upon a retractable?

Read on, because I’m spilling the beans!


Reason One:

This gate is not a one-trick pony! No sir-eee! It is so versatile, I was surprised that it didn’t double as a hankie to wipe the baby’s nose!

Need a gate for a wide doorway? It’s got you covered.

Need a gate for a narrow space? This is definitely your best (if not only!) answer.

Even if you decide to move it to a new location with a different can handle the job. No need to add extensions, or modify it in any way.

Reason Two:

It’s fun to use.

Wait...would I REALLY buy a baby gate because it’s entertaining? You betcha!

Watching this baby roll into itself, just to stretch it all back out again...come on, don’t tell me you wouldn’t be tempted! And all with one hand.

It actually makes using it one of the highlights of my day. (Okay, so maybe I’m a kid at heart!)

Reason Three:

When I’ve got a wide load coming through, this gate knows how to get out of the way.

Most baby gates take up a bunch of space when they are not needed, but not a retractable gate.

Got 3 inches to store it? Good, because that’s all you’ll need!

Whether you store it attached to the edge of the doorway just temporarily between uses, or you store it for a good long (un-installed) in a closet (waiting for the next baby?), it has a ridiculously tiny footprint.

Reason Four:

My baby isn’t going to get a toehold on this puppy!

With a tough, tight-woven, textured mesh fabric, all my kiddo can do is stare longingly at the next room, because her little footsies just slide right off with any attempt to climb over.

Do you have any idea how cool this is for mama?

Sure, this is the reason that my child would tell me to send it back...but since she’s not talking yet, I’ll just pretend that she loves it, too.

Reason Five:

It locks. Seriously. I guess most baby gates do, but I love HOW it locks.

There, that’s better. That makes more sense. Push down. Twist.

You know...something my kid CAN’T figure out! (Not that she’s not smart enough...she’s just not strong enough or tall enough, etc...okay, okay, she’s just a baby, so she isn’t exactly thinking about it, either!)

Best Retractable Baby Gate In 2018

Well, there you go. Six solid reasons.

I’m not saying that you are going to love this gate like I do, but I’m not saying you won’t.
I’m not saying you should buy this gate like I did, but I’m not saying don’t. Check, check, check it out! Seriously! You might be just as hooked as I am!

I am a coffee-lover and homeschooling mom of 20 years. With the experience of raising five babies, one of whom is still a toddler, I have had my fair share of baby gate wrangling. I enjoy sharing with other parents and passing on what I have learned about child safety. I don’t enjoy that, due to the hustle and bustle, I have to keep reheating my forgotten cup of coffee, though.

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