Baby Safety HUB

Whether you’re a new parent or want to upgrade your home’s safety features, this is your HUB for baby safety knowledge.

Baby Safety Basic

What You’ll Learn

Learn the basics of baby safety and identifying potential dangers in your home. This section covers reasons that babyproofing is necessary and walks you through the safety issues to look for that will need to be addressed.

Babyproofing At Home (Room by Room)

What You’ll Learn

Learn how to identify potential safety issues in each room of your home. Every home is different, and each room has its own unique challenges. This section will point out things to look for that you might not otherwise consider. 

General Babyproofing

What You’ll Learn

Learn how to babyproof common household hazards such as stairs and electrical outlets. This section will help you find products that will babyproof areas of your home that can be dangerous for your mobile baby or toddler.

Babyproofing at Play

What You’ll Learn

Learn how to babyproof your home inside and out while still allowing your active child to have fun and explore. This section will show you potential hazards that your child can encounter inside your home and outside in your yard so you can relax and enjoy playing with your little one.

Babyproofing on the go

What You’ll Learn

Learn how to babyproof your car and places you stay when you are away from home. Potential hazards are everywhere including hotel rooms and friend and family homes. It is important to stay aware of your surroundings and closely supervise when traveling. This section provides advice for childproofing your vehicle, hotel rooms, and more to minimize risk when you are on the go.

1 Resource

Childproof Your Car

Best of Baby Safety Gates (Guides & Reviews)

What You’ll Learn

Learn about the wide range of baby gates on the market. This section will guide you through baby gates needed for various areas of your home such as on your stairs and outside on the porch. There are baby gates available to fit a wide range of needs and home setups.