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Our 2023 Top Picks for The Best Extra Tall Baby Gates

Melanie Pierce


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Sometimes an average height baby gate just isn’t going to cut it.

Do you have a climber on your hands? In that situation, you are a prime candidate for a niche product…an extra tall baby gate!

An average baby gate is usually around 30” – 32” high, but an extra tall gate might be anywhere from 36” to 41” tall!

All those extra inches add up to a whole lot more protection and provide an extra measure of safety that you just can’t expect from a shorter gate.

Disclaimer:All Pressure-Mounted Baby Gates have potential safety and usage issues that you need to be aware of to reduce risk of failure, accident, or damage:

  1. Gate could fall, or be pushed over, if not inspected and tightened regularly
  2. Pressure-mounted gates should never be used at the top of stairs
  3. There is a metal bar along the floor that could be tripped over
  4. Pressure-mounted gates could damage wall/drywall if tightened and left in place too long
  5. Gate may be difficult to assemble/disassemble or not be easy to move  between locations, so should not be considered extremely portable

Curious which extra tall baby gates made the cut for our list of the best? Keep reading to find out our favorites!

Our Pick

Dreambaby Chelsea Extra Tall Auto Close Security Gate

Dreambaby Chelsea Extra Tall Auto Close Gate

Loved for its auto-close feature, this pressure-mounted gate also can be opened with one hand and locked open if needed.

Installation is a breeze and the fact that it is extra-tall at 41” high makes it a favorite in this category.


Best for Extra Tall and Wide: Summer Extra Tall & Wide Safety Baby Gate

I love that this gate is not only somewhat tall but also quite wide! It’s a great option when you need “the best of both worlds.

Plus, it is super easy to install and has a special “indicator” to help you know when it is perfectly in place!

In this article:

Things to Consider Before Buying Extra Tall Baby Safety Gates

The first thing you want to do is ask yourself why you need an extra-tall gate?

Do you have a toddler that keeps climbing over your short one?

When you are choosing a baby gate that needs to be taller than average, please keep in mind that not only do you need to compare the various available heights, but many other factors that might be important to you.

Information such as the width of the door in the gate becomes critical, because there is no way that you are going to step over one of these! Also, does the door swing both ways, close automatically, or have a lock-open option or not?

A few other things you will want to consider iares how it is mounted and whether the latch mechanism is easy to use.

When dealing with an extra-tall gate, it may already seem cumbersome because of the height factor, but if the gate is well-built, solid, attractive, and easy to use, then it will become a great asset to your space. There is just nothing quite like a product that fills a real, practical need with grace and dignity!

Here are The Best Extra Tall Baby Gates of 2023

In order to bring you the best all-around options for an extra tall baby gate, I looked over multiple products that are on the market and selected the seven best extra- tall baby gates based on features, ratings, reviews, and price.

These are all pressure-mounted gates, so they are somewhat easily moved or removed, when necessary, but some also have optional permanent hardware mounts.

After thorough consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that two of these gates stand out as exceptional choices for families with a climbing toddler.

Our Pick: Dreambaby Chelsea Extra Tall Auto Close Gate


Dreambaby Chelsea Extra Tall Auto Close Security Gate

The Best Extra Tall Baby Gate

Loved for its auto-close feature, this pressure-mounted gate also can be opened with one hand and locked open if needed.

Installation is a breeze and the fact that it is extra-tall at 39.4″ high make it a favorite in this category.

Height: 39.4”

Fits: openings 28-32”

Note: Optional extensions for openings up to 188”

This white 39.4” high baby gate is made of durable steel bars that are spaced 2.5 inches apart. Though it is a pressure-mounted gate, it comes with additional hardware to securely attach it to your door frame.

It features a 18.5” wide walk-thru door that swings both ways and automatically closes and latches. It also has a Smart Stay-Open feature for when you don’t want it closed.

It has a double-locking feature with a one-handed latch. To operate it, there is a button that you slide open and then you can lift the gate out of the bottom lock.

One of the best things about this gate is that extensions can be purchased that make this gate able to span an opening up to 188 inches.


  • Automatically closes and latches
  • Stay-open feature
  • Bi-directional walk-thru door
  • Extensions pieces are available to make the gate as wide as 188 inches


  • Has a trip bar along the floor
  • May be somewhat difficult to open due to the double-locking feature
  • Fairly expensive

The Bottom Line

The Dreambaby Chelsea Extra Tall Auto Close Gate is a highly rated and popular choice among parents. Its durability and added security features make it a great investment, but it may be more challenging to open due to the double-locking mechanism. Overall, we highly recommend this extra tall baby gate for families seeking a secure and convenient solution.

Best for Extra Tall and Wide: Summer Extra Tall & Wide Safety Baby Gate


Summer Infant Extra Tall & Extra Wide Safety Gate, 29.5 - 53 Inch Wide & 38" Tall, for Doorways & Stairways, with Auto-Close & Hold-Open, Grey

Why we choose this as our runner up:

I love its auto-close feature, and thanks to its extra-tall and extra-wide design, it fits even the widest openings with ease.

The installation process is simple and straightforward, which makes it a popular choice in the category of extra-tall baby gates.

Height: 38 inches

Fits Opening: 29.5-53 inches

Note: Includes 3 extensions

This stylish, arched, cool-grey steel gate is truly extra-tall AND extra-wide if you need the best of both worlds.

It can be permanently-mounted or pressure-mounted and comes with 2 extra 4-inch extensions so that you can adjust for the perfect fit.

The extra-wide (20”) walk-thru door opening is great for giving you lots of room to pass through, plus it has both auto-close and stay-open features that make this door even that much better. Also, the door portion can open in either direction.

Please Note: This gate will appear off-center (crooked) until is fully and properly installed. See instructions.


  • Extra-Tall AND Extra-Wide
  • Can by permanently-mounted or pressure-mounted
  • Comes with extra extensions
  • Extra-wide walk-thru door
  • Auto-close feature
  • Stay-open feature
  • Bi-directional door
  • Lock is not easy for children to figure out


  • Latch may be difficult to open for some due to the two-part motion (pull and lift)
  • May not fit every opening within the advertised range
  • Has a trip bar along floor

The Bottom Line:

Overall, this is an excellent gate with fantastic ratings and reviews. We love that it is not only extra-tall, but also extra-wide, making it extra-useful for a lot of families who need both! Plus, it is stylish and has lots of features that make it an all-around great gate!

Munchkin Easy Close XL Metal Baby Gate

Height: 36”

Fits: openings 29.5-51.6”

Note: Optional extensions are available for purchase for widths up to 54”

This bronze-colored baby gate is a practical and effective solution for parents looking to secure their homes and keep their little ones safe.

It measures 36 inches in height and fits openings from 29.5-51.6 inches, with optional extensions available for purchase to accommodate wider openings up to 54 inches.

Munchkin Easy Close XL Pressure Mounted Baby Gate for Stairs, Hallways and Doors, Walk Through with Door, 29.5" - 51.6" Wide, Metal, Bronze

With a double-locking latch, this gate is easy to open and close with one hand. And, with the “push-to-close” feature, you can leave the gate open if needed, without worrying about it accidentally shutting.

The gate also features a spacious 22-inch wide walk-thru door that can be opened in either direction. Additionally, you can add an optional door stop to prevent it from swinging open.

Crafted from heavy-duty steel, this gate is built to last and can be pressure-mounted or permanently installed with the included hardware.


  • Made of heavy-duty steel
  • One-handed latch operation
  • Stay open feature
  • Wide walk-through door
  • Bi-directional door with optional stop
  • Spans a wide gap


  • Does not close automatically
  • Instructions for install can be tricky
  • To reach widest span possible, must purchase additional extension
  • Quite pricey
  • Bar along floor, which could be a trip hazard

The Bottom Line:

Though not the tallest gate around, it makes up for it by spanning a wide opening! Overall, this gate is very functional and could be quite useful for a lot of consumers because it is extra-wide. I like that it can be permanently installed and comes with that wide walk-through door! The bronze color seems rather brown to me, but it is a nice-looking gate.

Safety 1st Easy Install Extra Tall and Wide Baby Gate

Also a great option if you need something extra tall and wide

I love that this gate is not only somewhat tall, but also quite wide! It’s a great option when you need “the best of both worlds”.

Plus, it is super easy to install and has a special “indicator” to help you know when it is perfectly in place!

Height: 36”

Fits: openings 29-47”

This is another perfect solution when you need a gate that is both tall and wide.

This JPMA certified gate is simple to install, with a Pressure Check Indicator that ensures proper placement. Though not the tallest gate, it definitely has a great balance of both tall AND wide.

The SecureTech pressure-mounted design makes installation a breeze and the Pressure Check Indicator ensures that you know when the gate is installed correctly. The gate also features a stay-open mechanism, a bi-directional door, and a one-handed operation, making it convenient and user-friendly.

The walk-thru gate is 21.5” wide, so it is very comfortable for passing through. It has a stay-open feature, so it only closes when you want it to. Plus the door is bi-directional, so it is simple to pass through from either way.

The two-action handle can be operated with one hand and is child-proof, ensuring your little ones stay safe.


  • Easy and fast to install
  • Bi-directional door
  • One-handed operation
  • Stay-open feature
  • Extra-wide 


  • Does not automatically close
  • Not extremely tall
  • May be difficult to open
  • Has a trip bar along floor
  • Latch mechanism not durable enough from some customer report

The Bottom Line:

This gate provides a balance of height and width, making it a great option for those who need both. It is easy to install and features a bi-directional walk-thru design, one-handed operation, and stay-open feature. However, it does not automatically close and some customers have reported difficulty opening it, so it may not be the best choice for everyone.

If you love the regular Safety 1st Tall & Wide Baby Gate, but want something a bit more classy-looking, then here is your answer!

Safety 1st Décor Easy Install Tall & Wide Baby Gate

This gate offers a stylish upgrade with its bronze finish and decorative railing on the swing-open door.

The attractive design seamlessly blends in with your home’s decor and adds a touch of sophistication to your safety solution.

Despite its aesthetic improvement, it still boasts the same functional features and specifications, making it an excellent choice for those looking for both style and safety.

Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall

Height: 36” at height of arch, 34” on sides

Fits: opening 28.5-48”

This is a beautiful arched gate that looks great with any decor.

It is available in beige or bronze and has the ability to be pressure-mounted or permanently installed.

Summer Multi-Use Decorative Extra Tall Walk-Thru Baby Gate, Metal, Bronze Finish - 36” Tall, Fits Openings up to 28.5” to 48” Wide, Baby and Pet Gate for Doorways and Stairways

A good solid gate that has a 17” walk-thru door, this is one of my top picks even though it is definitely not the tallest.

It is affordable and attractive and sturdy. If it were a little taller, it would be my favorite.

Some reviewers do not like the bar that runs along the floor, but that is fairly standard for any gate with a walk-thru door. I like that it has an auto-close feature and a dual-locking system.


  • Cost-Effective
  • Beautiful design
  • One-handed latch mechanism with dual-locking system
  • Automatic closing feature


  • Bar along floor, which could be a trip hazard
  • Door opening width is only 17″
  • Not really extra- tall all the way across
  • Fairly expensive

The Bottom Line:

It is not my favorite in this particular category only because it really isn’t “that tall” when you consider that the 36” that is stated is only at the highest middle portion of the gate, but it shines in terms of features, design, and usability. If you truly need a tall gate all the way across, I would look at the other options.

Toddleroo by North States Supergate Extra Tall Easy Close Gate

Height: 36 inches

Fits Opening: 28-38.5 inches

Note (If any): Includes 2 extensions

This sleek-looking gate (the Toddleroo by North State baby gate) is a fantastic option if it is within your budget. It ranks quite high in price but is a well-liked gate.

Toddleroo by North States 38.5” Wide Extra Tall Easy Close Baby Gate: Sturdy Safety gate with one Hand Operation. Pressure Mount. Fits 28-38.5” Wide. (36" Tall, Bronze)

It definitely rates well in terms of sturdiness and ease of use. It fits spaces between 28″ to 38.5″ wide, but stands only 36”, which makes it not in the running for the tallest gate. The auto-closing door is 17” wide, which is not considered a lot of space, but it gets the job done.

The triple-locking latching mechanism and one-handed operation are two of its greatest features, with a push-to-close operation. Plus, it has a stay open feature, which comes in super handy as well!


  • Sleek look
  • One-handed latch mechanism
  • Very sturdy
  • Stay-open feature


  • 17-inch walk-thru door is rather narrow
  • Has trip bar along floor
  • Quite expensive

The Bottom Line:

Overall, I really like this gate. It has multiple nice features and looks great, too. It has received a lot of great reviews and doesn’t seem to have any obvious flaws. It is not an extremely tall gate and the walk-thru door is a bit narrow, but those are the only real drawbacks.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Tall Should Baby Gates Be and How About Extra Tall?

A baby gate needs to be a minimum of 26-28 inches tall for small children, but most toddlers need an average of 30-34 inches to securely contain them inside. If your child is especially tall or is more inclined to climb, that is when we recommend an extra-tall gate that is a minimum of 36 inches high. The taller your gate, the more success you will have at keeping a larger child secure, so if necessary, look for a gate that is between 38-41 inches, if necessary.

What is The Tallest Baby Gates on The Market?

The tallest gates that we have found range from 38-41 inches. On a few baby gates, these measurements include the top of an arched doorway, but generally, we are most interested in reporting the measurement that indicates the top rail, which most accurately portrays the protection that the gate offers.

Final Words

Whether you need a slightly taller gate or a REALLY tall gate, you now know what the market has to offer. 

So remember, our top pick for the best extra-tall baby gate is the:

Dreambaby Chelsea Extra Tall Auto Close Gate

and our runner up choice is the:

Safety 1st Easy Install Extra Tall and Wide Baby Gate

Armed with all this great information, you should be able to find the perfect gate to deal with those great climbers that like to monkey around and go places you want to keep them out of!

Happy extra tall baby gate shopping!


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