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Your Guide to the Best Portable Baby Gates

So it’s time to take a trip, but you know that wherever you roam, so will baby. Your average baby gate is just not designed to go along for the ride, so you will need something special.

Your travel solution is a portable baby gate! This nifty contraption is lightweight and folds up to a fraction of its installed size. Slide it into its handy “on-the-go” pouch and add it to your luggage and you will be all set for vacation.

Now just in the interest of full disclosure...these kind of baby gates are experts at traveling, but do have some general drawbacks.

These include the following: They cannot be used at the top of stairs (because they are pressure-mounted), they do not have walk-thru doors and must be stepped over, and they are not extra-tall (due to the previous fact).

Nevertheless, whether you are staying at a hotel or going to grandma’s house, a portable baby gate might be just what you need for keeping your toddler safe while traveling away from home.

This is especially true if you are flying and need something small that can easily be checked with your suitcase, but also is great for saving on trunk space during a road trip.

So now you are probably asking...what is the best portable baby gate for my needs? Well, let’s explore my two favorite options.

1. North State Portable Travel Gate

This gate is perfect for average-sized doorways and hallways and can expand from 25.2” to 42.6” wide. It also works well in openings with baseboards, as there are adjustment knobs fine tuning the width even if the bottom is a little different than the top.

It includes a fabric mesh panel, two vertical steel bars (which give it a height of 28”), and two horizontal steel bars that adjustable. It is not the simplest gate to put together, but a little practice and an extra pair of hands does make it easier. The fabric bunches a little when it is not fully extended, which was a bit of a surprise to me, so keep that in mind if you will be using it in a narrow setting.

I like its classy stylish look and the fact that it only weighs four pounds, so it’s lightweight. It is not expensive and gives me the peace of mind I crave when I need to corral my toddler while not in the familiarity of our home.

2. Evenflo Soft and Wide Gate Portable Gate

If you know that you will need to block off a wider area, then this gate is for you. It expands from 38” up to 60” wide, so it really can go the distance! At 27” tall, it is easy to step over and is sturdy even over the longer distance.

The neutral color tones of the washable fabric make this gate attractive as well as useful, and it is fairly easy to set up and adjust it. Like the other portable gate, this one is designed to account for molding around the floor and has all the same basic parts.

The non-marring rubber bumpers are awesome because I can put this gate up anywhere and when I take it down, it leaves no visible evidence behind. This is super important when traveling and using other’s facilities, as you want to be a guest that doesn’t leave a trace.

At a mere 7 lbs., it’s a breeze to pack this away in its drawstring bag and take it on vacation.


In conclusion, I hope this post helps guide you as you make travel plans for your next vacation or out-and-about visit. An investment of this nature is sure to help keep your baby one step safer, which in turn will help you get the rest and relaxation you deserve.


I am a coffee-lover and homeschooling mom of 20 years. With the experience of raising five babies, one of whom is still a toddler, I have had my fair share of baby gate wrangling. I enjoy sharing with other parents and passing on what I have learned about child safety. I don’t enjoy that, due to the hustle and bustle, I have to keep reheating my forgotten cup of coffee, though.

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