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Best Freestanding Baby Gates of 2020 – (For Wide Open Spaces)

So you need a baby gate, but do not want to mar your walls or screw anything into your door jamb?

Perhaps you do not even want to bother assembling anything and want to just set something across your opening and be done.

You probably need a freestanding baby gate!

This kind of gate is built to stand all by itself and that unique feature is what makes this solution so different from other common types of baby gates.

This is perfect if you have a house like mine with a really open floor plan with no good places to attach a traditional gate.

This baby gate clearly stands on its own 2 feet! It needs no help because it is free-standing and not afraid of wide open spaces!

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So, one of the reasons someone might choose a freestanding gate is simply because they have no walls available, but instead have other obstacles that partially, but not fully block an area.

For example, if you have a sofa across a portion of your living room, but there is a walkway beside it that you need to block obviously cannot attach a baby gate to the side of the couch!

This would be a great place to use a gate of this nature.

One of the things I like about a free-stand-er is that it is the ultimate “portable” least around your house. Just pick it up, move it to the new location, and set it back down. Done!

Now, don’t confuse this with on-the-go portability, because this sort of gate does not fold up or get really you won’t want to try to transport it to Grandma’s house.

Not only is a freestanding gate perfect for hallways or wide doorway spaces, it is also great for simply blocking off sections of the house that have valuable or breakable items, or dangerous areas, such as a fireplace.

How I Selected The Best Freestanding Baby Gates?

So out of the selections of freestanding gates on the market, this particular model really stood out from the rest.

I selected this one after reading many descriptions, and looking at the ratings and reviews written by many consumers.

After careful research, I realized it just simply beat out all the competition. I didn’t bother looking at cheaply-made, poor quality gates that received low ratings, as I want only to recommend a superior product produced from a reputable company.



Richell Deluxe Freestanding Pet Gate with Door, Large


Richell Deluxe Freestanding Gate


Large gate stands at 36.2-inch high to accommodate medium to large dogs


Fits doorway openings from 61.8-inch to 90.2-inch

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This is a beautiful freestanding gate with wooden trim that will compliment your home’s decor.

  • It is sturdy with side panels and “feet” with rubber on the underside to hold it upright and in place
  • It fits an opening that is 61.8 to 90.2 inches across, so is handy for covering wide spaces or for blocking off-limit areas
  • It is very simple to extend this gate as you just pull it out to one side to give it more length.
  • It features a 19.5-inch, walk-through door with a one-handed latch mechanism and door locks at the top and the bottom for extra security.
  • It does not have traditional vertical rods, but rather wire slats that have a 1.75 inch gap, so nothing is slipping through this gate!
  • Also, it is short enough at 28 inches high to use as a barrier in front of an entertainment center without interfering with your view.

One of the best features of this particular gate is the fact that the door can swing both inward and outward and be locked, at a 90 degree angle, into an open position either way. It also closes and latches automatically.

This product is just simply chocked full of all the extras that you could possibly want in a baby gate!

Of course, everyone’s main concern when they see a freestanding gate is whether it is prone to tipping over or moving easily. This particular gate has received raving reviews for being very stable and not tipping over, even with crazy stories of people attempting to jump over it and falling to the floor.

Now, as far as being able to be moved, well, it isn’t attached to anything….so it is possible that an older, stronger toddler might simply pick up the edge of it and push it aside.

This is not so true with pets or babies, however, because of the rubber grips on the bottom, it is designed to not slip and slide around. But, it is true that if you have older kids that really want to escape than this gate may not be adequte for holding them in.


In conclusion, in my opinion, this gate is hands-down the best freestanding baby gates available.

Sure, it’s a bit pricey, but at least it’s gorgeous and nearly a piece of furniture in its own right. If it meets your particular needs and you can afford it, don’t hesitate to give this solution a fair chance.

Happy Baby-Gate Shopping!


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