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Best Outdoor Baby Gates of 2019 – (Guide & Reviews)

Most baby gates are purely and distinctly made for indoor use.

So, what if you need to keep baby safe outside on a deck, porch, or patio?

You will need a solution that goes beyond the typical gate...something waterproof that won’t rust at the first sight of rain!

An outdoor gate should be made with sturdy materials that won’t weather check easily and must be able to stand up to whatever Mother Nature throws its way.

Cardinal Gates Outdoor Safety Gate, Brown

Check out this outdoor baby gate that stands up to rain, snow, wind, and sun. Mother Nature doesn’t stand a chance!

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Things to Consider Before Buying an Outdoor Baby Gate

When choosing an outdoor gate, you need to consider both the material of the gate and the type of hardware that it is attached with, as you will want something that is designed to be waterproof.

Also, a safety latch that will not allow your child to escape, but allows you to enter and exit easily, is a most important feature that you will want.

Also, many outdoor baby gates will need to be installed on decks and porches with stairs, so consider looking for the feature of a “stop” that only allows the gate to swing inward and not over any steps.

This is to ensure that the gate does not pose a hazard or becomes an accident waiting to happen.

How I Selected the Best Outdoor Baby Gates?

If you have looked around for outdoor baby gates, you have probably noticed that there just aren’t very many on the market.

This is especially true for a gate that can be permanently mounted and is tough enough to do a good job.


Cardinal Gates Outdoor Safety Gate, Brown
Cardinal Gates Outdoor Safety Gate, Black
Cardinal Gates Outdoor Gate - White


Cardinal Outdoor 
Gate - Brown

Cardinal Outdoor 
Gate - Black

Cardinal Outdoor 
Gate - White






27" to 42 ½"

27" to 42 ½"

27" to 42 ½"

Need Wider Space?

Cardinal Gates Extension for Outdoor Pet Gate, 10.5-Inch, Brown

10 ½" extension

Cardinal Gates Extension for Outdoor Pet Gate, 21.75-Inch, Brown

21 ½” extension

Cardinal Pet Gates 10.5-Inch Extension, Black

10 ½" extension

Cardinal Pet Gates 21.75-Inch Extension, Black

21 3/4" extension

Cardinal Gates 10.5" Extension for Stairway Special Gate and Auto Lock Gate, White

10 ½" extension

21.75" Gate Extension Finish: White

21 3/4" extension

Get Started

So, why would I choose ONLY the Cardinal Outdoor Child Safety Gate?

After doing careful research and comparing many reviews, I could see easily that it stands at the top of the list.  I ignored gates with low ratings, and was impressed at the top ratings that this gate received.

It is hands-down the best option for those that need all the functional capabilities, design qualities, safety features, and weather-resistance that an outdoor gate should have.

Best Outdoor Baby Gates - Cardinal Gates Outdoor





This gate comes in three basic colors - brown, white and black.  

It has a rust-proof powder-coat finish that blends well with outdoor decor and is made of lightweight aluminum and stainless steel parts.

It is sturdy and practical and is designed to be permanently mounted.  

Interestingly, it can be installed at up to a 30 degree angle, in case the deck railings are not perfectly lined up. 

Cardinal Gates Outdoor Gate - White

Also, if for any reason, you need to temporarily remove the gate, it can be easily disconnected from the permanent mounts.

Technically, this gate is advertised as having a one-handed latch operation, although there are mixed reviews on this aspect.

Some have reported that they need two hands to operate it and that it is somewhat difficult to work the latch. 

Though usually seen as a negative, others are somewhat glad that the latching mechanism is not easy for children to figure out.

The door on this gate is designed to swing either way, but it has an optional stop bracket so that you can restrict it to only open in one direction. This is particularly useful when you need to install the gate at the top of a set of stairs and, for safety reasons, don’t want the door swinging outwards.

Keep in mind that this door does not automatically close, so you will need to latch it every time you go in or out!

Though this is a waterproof gate, a few consumers have reported that the hardware provided tends to rust. In order to eliminate that possibility, you might consider purchasing some spray-on rust protector to apply to all the screws and bolts...just in case!

If you have an opening that is 42.5 inches or less, than this gate will work perfectly as is, but if you need to cover a wider space than that, you have options without turning elsewhere!

Two different sizes of extensions are sold separately - 10.5 inches and 21.75 inches. So, just measure your opening, pick your extension, attach it to the basic unit, and gain the extra coverage you need!

Final Words

So as your little one becomes adventurous enough to want to explore outside and enjoy your outdoor living space, you can have peace of mind that, with this unique baby gate, your child can have the freedom to play on your deck or porch without the usual danger.

I hope this review helps you as you weigh your options and choose an outdoor safety gate that perfectly fits your situation.

Happy Baby-Gate Shopping!


2 thoughts on “Best Outdoor Baby Gates of 2019 – (Guide & Reviews)”

  1. I read reviews on another website about these gates and enough of them stated that the hardware began to rust after just a couple months. Has this been the case for other owners? Is there a way to prevent this?

    • Yes, unfortunately, some people have reported that the screws or latch hardware they have received does sometimes rust. This is a known issue which I have addressed in the review. It is especially a problem with the white gate hardware, but the potential for the other gates is there. Some people have used alternative hardware and others have sprayed the screws/bolts with a rust protector or weather-proof paint. My best suggestion is to avoid the white gate if this is your main concern, since the reviews seem more concentrated on the rust issue with that color. Please keep in mind, it is not the entire gates that are rusting, just the screws/hardware. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to clarify this.

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