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10 Reasons Why You Need a Baby Gate

need a baby gate

You hear it often...what do I REALLY need for my baby?

Plenty of us parents don’t want to mess around with stuff we don’t need because let’s get real, babies already “gotta have this” and “gotta have that.”

But, when we’re paring down the non-essentials, there is one safety item that needs to make the cut and stay put on your “must have” list.

That item, of course, is a baby gate!

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Your Guide to Timing When to Install and Remove Baby Gates

kids are climbers

Have you been wondering when you should install and remove baby gates in your home?

Then this blog post is for you.

Here I will break it down simply so that you don’t have to second-guess yourself.

As exciting as it is to watch your little one hit all their milestones as they grow up into toddlers, it is also a challenge to keep them safe as they learn to explore their surroundings. So let’s take a moment and look at the following:

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10 Must-Have Baby Proofing Products for Today’s Parents

Must Have Baby Proofing Products

Recently, one of my readers sent me an email and asked me which products are my favorite for baby-proofing my house.

So, I decided to write this post to make the information available to everyone and save you time as you search for the right solutions to keep your baby safe.

I know you want to reduce your little one’s chances of being you will love these handy innovations to make that job easier!

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Help! I Need to Baby-Proof My Christmas Tree!

baby gate for the Christmas tree

With the holiday season in full swing, moms and dads are dealing with a whole new challenge...keeping their little one away from their Christmas tree! 

With all those bright lights, dangling objects, fun paper-wrapped packages, and eye-popping colors, what baby wouldn’t be drawn in, like a moth to a flame? 

I know that my little one sure is, and for everyone’s benefit, baby-proofing is just a necessity!

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Why This Mama Bought a Retractable Baby Gate?

retractable baby gate

If you think you’ve seen one baby gate, you’ve seen them all...I gotta tell you, that’s just not the way it is.

There are so many kinds of baby gates available, it will make your head spin. So, what made me do a double-take when I stumbled upon a retractable?

Read on, because I’m spilling the beans!