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L. Elizabeth Forry

How to Best Baby Proof Your Cabinets and Drawers

Babyproofing your cabinets and drawers is a must when you have a little one on the way.We use our cabinets to store many harmful and potentially deadly items if children ingest them, so keeping them secured and locked is a must. When you are expecting a baby, having a child that …

Stefanie Miller

Should You Let Your Baby Sleep in Their Car Seat?

When babies are very young, they sleep for the majority of the day so they will nap frequently regardless of where you are or what you are doing. This is why it is common for babies to fall asleep in their car seats when they go on a slightly longer …

L. Elizabeth Forry

20-plus Top Tips to Baby-Proof Your Fireplace

Nothing feels better than a warm and real fire in the fall or wintertime, but if you have a baby or small child, fireplaces can be dangerous. According to Safe Kids Worldwide, in 2018, over 90,000 kids visited the emergency, over 7,000 children were hospitalized, and 320 children died from fire …

L. Elizabeth Forry

Top Tips for Baby-proofing the Bedroom

You’re about to be a parent, congratulations! Bringing a baby home is one of the most exciting things new parents experience! Along with all the excitement, though also comes worry. Many hidden dangers face a baby, and as parents, our job is to protect them. Even before our babies are born, we …

Kara Sylvester

Keeping your Little One Safe in your Bathroom

The bathroom is the worst room in the house for babies and toddlers. It just is. When my kids were that age, I remember thinking how much easier it would be if they could just nevergo in the bathroom. Everywhere you look, there are dangers:A slippery surface that could lead to …

Kara Sylvester

How to Baby Proof Each Area of your Living Room

Our home is our safe haven, right?The place where we feel most safe and secure.Our living rooms in particular are the place we come together as a family and relax. But for little guys, there are many hazards and dangers in their own living room.No need to panic – a …