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Choosing Baby Gates – Your Home Security System for Little Children 

Melanie Pierce

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Here is a heart-to-heart from this mom to you about keeping your little one safe with baby gates.
The news is filled with heart-wrenching stories of accidents with children both in the home, as well as out and about. It’s enough to strike fear in every new parent’s heart. All we really want is to keep our sweet babes safe and sound, but danger seems to be lurking everywhere.

Of course there are many precautions you can take, but until you’ve fully explored the topic of baby gates, you will not be fully prepared to make your home well on its way to being a haven of safety for your dearest treasure.

So where do you start? How do you go about choosing from the myriad of options available?
Does it seem overwhelming? If so, I totally understand. As a mom of five kids, I have spent a good deal of time and energy contemplating the answers to these questions. Now I’m here to help you.

There are several factors that I would keep in mind when choosing a baby gate. First of all, will it actually stop baby from escaping? Is it easy to climb over or under? Is the latching mechanism too difficult for the baby or toddler, yet easy enough for you? Also consider whether you need one hand or two hands to work the gate and whether you are comfortable with how it operates. Another consideration is how durable is the gate? Does it permanently attach to the door frame or wall, or is it spring-loaded and easily removed or moved? Also, is it designed to be used at the top of stairs or will it work only on the level?

Though not as important as the safety and function of the gate, another question to consider is how it looks. Does it come in a color and style that complements your home? You will be more likely to buy and use a gate that is aesthetically pleasing in your space. Also, very important is what size of opening is the gate made for and is it variable? No matter how great a gate is, if it is too big or too small for your needs, then you will need to keep searching.

More to Consider:

Finally, you will want to consider what is offered at different price points. Are you wanting to invest accordingly to get more features or better function? For me, I wanted durable gates that I wouldn’t have to replace soon, so I kept that in mind when it came time to make my final decision. With baby gates, usually you get what you pay for, so a truly good deal is one that’s not necessarily cheap, but offers enough quality that justifies the price tag.

Whatever you do, don’t neglect the very important ‘safety net’ of baby gates. It is one of the simplest things you can do to keep baby out of danger! Don’t assume that just any ole gate will do the trick, either. Choosing the right baby gates for your home may be the difference between tragedy and triumph. 

Making it through those early stages of parenthood is hard enough. The last thing you want to do is worry about your child becoming a statistic. Your peace of mind is definitely worth it! For more information about choosing baby gates, visit ~where you will find loads of tips and tricks to help you keep your baby safe.

Happy Baby-Gating!

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